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Backend Developer - Dedicated

Backend Developer - Dedicated

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Hire our dedicated backend developers with proven track record in building complex, smooth, and responsive web frameworks for enterprise level success.

Choose our Backend Developer package to work with computer scientists and developers proficient in Codeigniter, Express.js with strong database system skills such as MySQL, CockroachDB and Mongdo DB.


  • Dedicated Backend Developer with strong proficiency in programming language (e.g.: PHP, Node.js)
  • Expertise in running web frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Express.js.
  • Proficiency in database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or CockroachDB.
  • Expertise in the development of JSON Based Microservices.
  • Expertise in version control systems like Git.
  • Knowledge of server-side caching mechanisms, message queues, and asynchronous processing.
  • Expertise with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
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