Why Is HLS The Best Choice for Onboarding B2B Clients in 24 Hours

Why Is HLS The Best Choice for Onboarding B2B Clients in 24 Hours

What is B2B Onboarding?

B2B onboarding is a business process held between two companies where one company acts as a service provider and the other as the customer. It is the initiation of the service contract where clients' requirements are discussed, ideas are shared, and companies are offered the deployment of a workforce for their projects for execution.

The onboarding process bridges the gap between two parties to curate insightful knowledge about what the client is looking for in terms of service, their project details, their projected milestones, and the gap to create value, so our brand loyalty boosts.

Whether it's a social media marketing agency or the top BPO process outsourcing company, B2B onboarding should be smooth and professional for the new B2B clients so they can garner the confidence of choosing you as their service provider. 

The B2B onboarding process should also focus on establishing goals and finding the right ideas to execute them. It helps the new clients understand the business processes and working dynamics of your company, and with an apparent good start, they can also decide on integrating more services to their business in the future. 

Here's how HLS has become the best choice to outsource your services by offering a quick, and concise 24-hour onboarding process to its new clients with 6 easy steps:


STEP 1- Understanding Your Service Requirement

As a top BPO company, HLS starts the 24-hour onboarding by rigorously  understanding the service requirement. At this point, we ask our new clients the following questions: the nature of the business, its scope, and the scale of their business. It helps to understand the existing position of your business and its  implied solution.

We also cross-check the services you are initially interested in to ensure that they're the right gig for your project. Understanding the service requirement also assists in offering a highly customized package to fit your company's needs. This way, you won't pay for the services that are unwanted at the cost of the services you need.  

STEP 2 - Quoting The New Clients

HLS offers a smooth onboarding process by quoting the service prices in the 2nd phase. This ensures that our quoted offer is within your approved budget and the convenience that comes with it. HLS offers three nominal packages in the digital marketing services further categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels. 


As a BPO process outsourcing company, we also offer shared, dedicated, and priority packages to ensure that our new clients save big by purchasing only what is required to uptick the company's requirements. We also keep the option open for custom packages to host more more cost-effective BPO and digital options. After thoroughly checking the price quote, clients can sign up on our website to get started.

STEP 3 - Sign Up To Get Started

After discussing the quotes, new clients can start their easy and concise sign-up process with one of our lead generation forms online or by conversing with our accounts manager.

This also helps HLS maintain the database of new client to achieve their business requirements. You can register as one of our new clients by providing the full company information and the number of agents requested in your project to get started.

You can either complete the process or take help from one of our live chat agents to onboard your company in 24 hours.

STEP 4 - Finalizing Agents for Your Project

After signing up, HLS creates a pool of the most proficient agents for your desired project. We ensure that each agent is profiled and screened as per the company's core requirements to meet the scope of the campaign and expedite the business requirements.

This phase also buys us the valuable time of a hands-on recruitment process to fit the business needs, as lining up experienced agents is at the core of every campaign's success. 

STEP 5 - Corporate Training And Development

At the 5th step, HLS provides comprehensive in-house training sessions to the assigned agents to understand and learn the dos and don'ts of working in the campaign. This helps us steer clear our team of any doubts, policy confusion, or discrepancies related to the dynamics of the client's brand. It also helps us to project the scope of work to our team of well-trained agents before getting them live on the campaign.

At HLS, corporate training and development are at the core of onboarding new clients with the state-of-the-art facility where agents and team leads get into a collaborative environment to discuss the success strategy of the campaign with high spirits.  

STEP 6 - Welcoming You Onboard!

HLS welcomes you onboard with the narrative of becoming your BPO and digital partner. A designated accounts manager is assigned to supervise the project, and team leads rigorously ensure that all performance metrics are being followed by the agents.

We also ensure that all KPI's for our new client's campaigns are completed with monthly reports to evaluate the progress. The 24-hour onboarding process is simple, concise, and effectively helps clients in integrating their businesses with the best BPO and Digital services. 


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