Maximize Your CX: 10 Tips for Exceptional Emails

Maximize Your CX: 10 Tips for Exceptional Emails


There are several untapped customer support strategies you can use to improve your CX. One of them is writing delightful emails to your customers as a part of email support strategy. Over the years - companies, no matter what scale they're operating on, have been using this medium to inform, engage, and solve customer tickets to deliver the right level of customer contentment. In modern times, phone customer service is deemed twice as effective as help desk support, but in a nutshell, the best email support websites are still brimming with online companies requiring a team of trained email support agents to handle their email support service. 

At the same time, drafting an email that produces an instant buzz of customer delight is not everyone's forte, and to unfold them to their maximum potential, we should make it a norm to write well-structured, and problem-solving email responses while embarking on new customer acquisition or corresponding to a repeat purchaser.

It should become a top email support skill to write customer-first emails so that they remember your response and feel prioritized about the company they're interacting with. In fact, you can use these 10 expert-vetted tips to write emails for a long-term rapport with your customers. 




1) Humanize your draft:

While drafting an email support response, it's important to humanize your text before sending it to the customers. You must choose a conversational, friendly, and a no-fluff tone to accommodate the customer's delight. In fact, experts suggest that there's no harm in using emojis and slang to match the customer's message tone.  

2) Send timely responses:

In customer support, a response time is the royal chariot, and even experts agree with these measuring metrics. You can either make or break a customer's experience by responding to them on time or with delays. You can use canned responses if it's a basic email response or clearly understand the escalation paths through which you will channelize the email response to the point of person. Sending timely responses leads your brand into customer's priority bucket in no time!


3) Embrace An Apologetic Tone:

Half  the time, companies deal either with infuriated or confused customers, and in both scenarios, giving them a lighter welcome to the conversation works. Embracing an apologetic tone defuses their conflict pressure to make way for a fresh air of comprehension. 

At times, you gain a customer by just valuing their concerns. You can use empathy-driven statements such as "I'm sorry that you had to go through this" or "I totally understand your concern and will resolve the issue right away" to make them feel valued and heard. 


4) Contextualize Your Responses:

We must contextualize our responses so that customers can be helped without any ambiguities at the time of reading them. How? It's simple. If you're using Omnichannel support, you can check in on the prior customer histories and learn more about their issues.

This way, the drafted response will be more actionable for them, with a clearly defined resolution. You can also delve deeper into the customer's buying history, their profile, their use of your product or service, and their prior communication with your company.


5) Maintain Brand Tone & Style:

An impactful way to empower your email customer support is to determine your brand tone and style while responding to your emails. This clutches on the element of "consistency" amongst customers, as they may interact with your brand for once or multiple times.

It's important to reflect your brand ethos and values while responding to your email tickets so that it resonates with customers for long. At the same time, if a team of email support agents responds to each email in their own way, this makes it more perplexing for customers to trust your brand. 



6) Don't Add Personal Flavor To The Emails:

Although phone customer service is the true venting space for infuriated customers, over the years, even email support agents have received their fair share of grilling.

As an email support agent, you must realize that your customers do not make offensive brand comments to you personally, as they technically stem either from an underperforming service or a malfunctioning product that they've purchased from your company. You should also realize that by responding to their offenses and insults, it'll only add to the distress and not solve the problem for both parties.

Do not be emotionally invested in the situation and maintain neutrality amid owning the cons of your products and services. Likewise, do not add fuel to the fire, and personally address the hardwired customer feedback on the email tickets. You can find a common ground and neutralize their anger by making them understand that you're here to help and equally disappointed with what they had to go through.


7) Answer All Their Questions:

It's no surprise for customer support agents in an email campaign to receive casually scribbled and long-winded messages complaining about the cons of the products or the service. In this case, read through the entire email message and respond to each question individually.

This would make the customer think that you've paid attention to their message and that their efforts to mirror their concerns have not gone unnoticed. If you're not familiar with the customer jargon, you should consider researching it online.


8) Upload Needful Attachments:

Some customers are not looking for a conflict but just a lantern of guidance to resolve their issue then and there. In this case, you can attach helpful resources and links in the email message to further support your point and redirect them to the resolution.

By doing so, they'll also double up on their confidence in solving their issues moving forward with the help of videos, images and knowledge base.


9) Be Concise With Your Response:

Customers love it if you go down the rabbit hole of details to provide them with a comprehensive solution. But this doesn't mean you will add fluff to the email message to grab their attention.

Be concise with your responses and write emails that effectively solve problems for your customers.


10) Give Them Novel Discounts:

If a dissatisfied customer is coming your way, it's your job to give them something that rejuvenates their confidence in your brand. In this case, giving them novel discounts or a certain discount on your products and services is a gesture that would go a long way!


Final Thought:

Drafting emails with these 10 expert-vetted tips will definitely reorient your email customer support to a new avenue of customer delight. Your email support agents can use these tips to map out their emails and improve company's CX. With these points in mind, your email support campaign can see a higher ratio of repeat purchases. Using these tips will also help in cutting out the redundant material from your draft, which will help customers save time and read your emails with improved clarity.

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