Live Chat Customer Service: The Path To Delivering Magical Customer Experiences!

Live Chat Customer Service: The Path To Delivering Magical Customer Experiences!

Every customer loves real-time interaction with the company or brand they're browsing for products or services. And oftentimes, they encounter a live chat customer service window welcoming their queries. But this alone does not justify  that they're having valued customer experience on your website or social media page.

Because, when a customer crawls in on your platform, there are multiple aspects that inspire them: how live chat support teams respond to their queries, the swiftness and convenience of starting a chat with the agent, and being helped on every step of the customer journey.

With this perspective, having live chat support truly becomes the way to refining your CX strategy. In fact, this move proves to be the reason for brands to deliver magical customer experiences with live chat at the nexus.

If you've overlooked the real charisma of using live chat web for your brand, here's how it improves your CX and helps raise the bars of customer satisfaction, with each aspect helping customers in its own distinctive way.

1) Live chat support boosts customer satisfaction by 2X:

It has been proven over time that customers love getting their problems solved via live chat. Why? Because it's conversational, interactive, and provides a solution in real-time exclusivity. Unlike email drafts, live chat support is faster and cements a unique bond with customers. In turn, customers clutch on to a deeper sense of brand loyalty and remain associated with your brand for a prolonged buying period.



2) Live chat enables agents and customers to multi-task:

By integrating chat support, we provide the liberty of multi-tasking their way in to the customers and chat agents. As a live chat rep, you can cater to multiple chats at once without being time-bound, whereas customers, during their day, can always take assistance on the live chat web and come back for more information or a prolonged resolution.

As live chats are mounting up year by year, this medium to connect with your customers is proving to be one of the most convenient ways of getting queuing heard and solved in real time. This also sets a great example of a cost-reduction process for companies, as one live chat customer service chat can handle up to six chats at once. 


3) Online chat customer service improves your customer loyalty:

Customer loyalty is a dense term, and it does not only revolve around the first impression that your customers get out of your products and services. It's more than that. It has many facets, and one of them is moving towards an immediate resolution to your customer's conflict. In this case, using online chat, customer service offers the best streamlined communication to solve customer issues with utmost immediacy. 

Technically, a well-trained live chat agent has every tool and knowledge to turn customer conflict into customer delight, which adds to their brand loyalty. In fact, the recent stats back the claim that customers are twice as likely to shop from brands with a full-scale customer support.

Integrate live chat to your CX strategy - outsource it today! 

By integrating live chat, companies can reframe their brands in the minds of customers by giving them valued post-sale support or to boost sales on the company's behalf. 

You can also outsource the live chat support by finding an ideal and reliable BPO agency with decades of experience, trained staff, and technical know-how of your products and services.

As more and more customers are preferring live chat over other modes of contact touchpoints, it's time to act fast and improve your customer experience by outsourcing a team of live chat agents to your projects for customer loyalty and brand reputation. 

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