Here's When You Should Hire Live Support Agents For Your Business

Here's When You Should Hire Live Support Agents For Your Business

Timing is a game changer when it comes to live support, and some companies learn this the hard way.

A fluently composed answer is of no use if it is not timely sent to the customer just like reaching back to their queries after a prolonged delay may result in higher customer retention.

In the same way, If your company isn't selling enough products or services and you hire, it will add up to your operations costs. Similarly, if you've a large ticket backlog and you still have not decided to hire a team of customer support agents , this would have an adverse effect on your brand credibility and may even plummet new orders from the repeat customers.

No matter what, it's mandatory to determine when is the right time to hire live chat agents to empower your e-commerce store, SaaS business, or anything else that you sell online.


5 Business Scenarios To Evaluate The Right Time To Integrate Live Support Services To Your Ventures:

With the help of these 5 business scenarios, you can evaluate the right time to invest in a full-cycle customer support for your ventures.

It should be noted that such business aspects work as a prerequisite to developing a full-scale customer support strategy as well to refine your customer experience and largely enable your business ventures to have seamless operations. 


1) Boost in ticket volume per month:

By all means, you should keep an eye on the ticket volume per month, and if it's growing rapidly, it means your brand is gaining traction and customers are aligning to lodge their issues and complaints.

This is the first indicator to hiring a live customer support team. If a spike in your ticket volume is seasonal, you should reconsider investing in a full-scale support integration.

2) Growing customer base by the day:

It means that your brand is not just growing; it's also taking up new customer acquisition very well. A growing customer base is a healthy sign for any company, provided it has a plan to cater to its new customer base without delaying their inquiries.

3) Expansion of contact rate per month:

The contact rate is the percentage of your active customers asking for technical support or assistance in a month. If this shoots up, you should consider integrating live chat or live phone talk support to downsize the rising query traffic and convert new customers. A company might as well have a higher contact rate per month just when a new product line gets introduced, as it makes their customers curious and on the tenterhooks of asking new questions and how-tos about their products.


4) Struggling with your resolution time:

According to new research, customers expect their contact centers
to respond to their queries in less than a minute, or 40 seconds to be

This dynamic is important to create customer delight, especially to the incoming customer - who is either infuriated with the service or wants to discover something about your products and services. The first-reply dynamic can be achieved if you have ample live support agents working at your disposal. 


5) Getting negative feedback on QA:

If you're attracting negative coverage for your QA programs or if customers have been constantly adding bad reviews about your company, it's time to go knee-deep into hiring a reliable customer support team.

It is also possible that your existing team is understaffed and has been cutting corners to get the job done. It means your customer support team requires expansion, and it truly starts when you sense the rising concerns that run parallel to it.



It is mandatory for any business owner or company to find the most cost-effective and reliable customer support services to enhance their CX (customer experience) with the right staffing solutions.

Experts suggest that any company deciding their fate with customer support at the last minute is likely to suffer more in customer retention and losses than to incur a higher operations cost to integrate their business with the live support services. 

These five scenario-based indications are ample to line up a full-scale BPO agency to work with your company, as outsourcing your live support services is twice as cost-effective and easy to set up. It also saves time for business owners to focus on new ventures.

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