Goggles4U: An Online Eyewear Super Store Refining Their Customer Experience With The Best BPO Services From HLS

Goggles4U: An Online Eyewear Super Store Refining Their Customer Experience With The Best BPO Services From HLS


Goggles4U is a B2C online platform selling discounted eyeglasses with an international customer base. Their business module for slashed-priced  eyeglasses has enabled them to garner a large customer base online. With a thorough business inspection, it was found that the company has several discrepancies in its business processing, along with insufficient product information to fulfill its knowledge-base and corporate company syllabus for customer awareness. The company is oscillating between routine average orders and is unable to open doors to achieve new milestones in the online eyewear business.

Brand: Goggles4U 
Industry: Online Retail 
Scale: Mid-Size (50-200 Employees)
Service: Customer Support & Digital Content
Website: www.goggles4u.com


This case study demonstrates the notion of the cause-and-effect of Business Process Outsourcing with attainable business growth. It highlights the significance of hiring the right Call Center Services and Digital Services for a seamless online business. 


Goggles4U experienced a firsthand deprivation of service excellence in the “Ordering Process” by customers. The eyeglasses hub analyzed a lack of efficiency, and accuracy in their Customer Support with the unattended chats, declined phone calls, and not promptly following up with email tickets for customer retention.

It also lacked the right exhibition of the company literature, and corporate content (Shipping, Privacy, and Return Policy) to inform customers regarding their shopping experience from the store. Another point of contention is that their monthly order volume had doubled with customer issues piling up. 

Their challenge was simple: deploy a dedicated team of live support agents to host an exclusive 24/7  communication hub that will serve as a guiding light for new and recurring queries. Goggles4U also shared the idea of creating the company’s corporate syllabus with knowledge-based articles and drafting its Return and Exchange Policy



Hire Live Support - after analyzing challenges - ensured that the combination of the leading BPO services (Live Chat Online, Phone Support, and Email or Helpdesk Support) with Digital Content Expertise will boost their FCR Ratio, Customer Retention, and Online Sales, and expedite their order processing. It will also improve their web-visitor stay time and bounce rate. 

HLS also devised a plan to train agents for subject matter expertise with thorough In-House Training and Development programs to capitalize on the opportunity of converting queries into sales with live chat, email support, and phone support in particular. It also onboarded the digital content experts to generate and write relevant company literature which will be well-optimized and fluently authored to engage customers online.

The training was laid out in the capacity of building a concrete understandability of the products that Goggles4U offers in the market with special attention towards the Order Placement Process, Analyzing The Prescription, Understanding The Eyeglasses Measurement, and knowing the pros and cons of Lens Type, Lens Thickness, and Lens Coatings.   


We begun with integrating a Multi-Channel Support to their digital platform in the form of Live Chat, Phone Support, and Email Support. Hire Live Support planned synced, linked, and implemented a robust support system functioning on the leading industry-specific BPO platforms to their business processing platforms for results.

We also integrated the exclusive, and highly accurate Live Chat extension to the website to consume new orders, and help achieve greater milestone with customer retention. 

HLS also worked thoroughly on the “Phone Support” strategy with a toll-free number connected to the company's core contacting information to respond to customer queries. The main was to harbor quick, fast, and accurate customer responses - and doubling up the on the company's global credibility when it comes to customer experience.

We also deployed a team of email support specialists to cater to the daily customer queries and reduce the ticket backlogs for a seamless business processing.  


Hire Live Support sensed the need to enrich the client's website with problem-solving, engaging, and optimized company literature. This will increase the visitor’s stay time and reduce bounce rate simultaneously. Also, this practice will help generate a new knowledge base for online visitors and keep them informed at all times.

The digital content also embarked on drafting the company’s Return, & Exchange Policy along with information about How To Order Your Glasses or How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance at Home. HLS conceptualized, drafted, proofread, and uploaded content on the aforementioned pages. This also included drafting topic-based articles to address customer queries with well-optimized pages.   


The Return and exchange policies were formulated as per the company's business protocols, and also to meet certain parameters online that affect the buying patterns of the customers. It is an inevitable business practice to catalog all scenarios under which the returns and exchange are applicable.

Hire Live Support drafted both of client's policies by mentioning the total number of scenarios for Return and Exchange. As per our digital experts, this will positively impact the brand image as well as help customers fetch relevant information by directly reaching out to these pages that mention likely customer possibilities.  


HLS  acknowledges the widely acclaimed importance of extensive product training when it comes to customer service outsourcing. Even though HLS customer support representatives are competent with insights into Customer Support, the requirement for head-to-head product training sessions is irreplaceable.

This special training outlined and achieved the delicate nuances of training customer representatives for a certain brand with sound product knowledge which assisted them with complicated customer queries. HLS also initiated boardroom sessions with Senior Managers to enhance the problem-solving skills of customer support agents. 


HLS acknowledged the importance of performance evaluation across all Customer Support channels (Live Chat, Phone Support, and Email Support) to examine their direct effect and overall contribution to the monthly stats. This monthly evaluation enabled the client to dive deep into the number of chats taken, phone calls answered, FCR maintained and customer retention ratio to move towards the continuation of the service. 

On the other hand, our digital content resulted in improved organic traffic with a definite reduction in the bounce rate of the most visited web pages. There was a clear redistribution of the queries among the knowledge base and live chat after the exhibition of customer-focused company literature with optimized inner pages.  

HLS also thoroughly researched the negative customer feedback of the overall web functionality and CX to open the doors of improvement. This helped the team to remove technical glitches that occurred at the time of placing an order on the website.  

Case Study - Results!


Before integrating our best BPO Services, Goggles4U experienced major issues and incompetency with their digital content, and order processing. Since the market for all niches has become competitive, it is now inevitable and essential for every brand to host a digitally optimized presence and provide seamless web functionality for placing orders without glitches, hindrances, and delays in the load time. 

First, Goggles4U observed a 30% BOOST in their overall monthly sales (Web Only) and a staggering 40% INCREASE in customer retention. The online prescription eyeglasses store also recorded a 2X GROWTH with their FCR (First Contact Resolution Policy) as per the metrics. To conclude, the fluently authored return policies and help center pages made it easier for customers to navigate their buying intent from a sense of speculation to a confident eyewear shopping experience. 

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