6 Best Video Types To Advertise Your Brand In 2024

6 Best Video Types To Advertise Your Brand In 2024

According to latest research, 91% of online customers want to see more dedicated brand videos to amp up their buying behavior. This metric alone tells a fascinating tale: advertising your products and services with a charismatic, well-structured, and logically articulate video is trending again.

In 2024, video content marketing is already dominating other mediums, and it's creating great ROI's for B2B and B2C companies. In fact, giant tech firms such as Microsoft, Shopify, Apple, Google, and other blue-chip companies are using video marketing - by and large - to engage a wider target audience with compelling visuals and storytelling. 

But before you solidify your plans to start advertising your brand with prospect-pulling videos, it's better to understand the different video types that fit your business needs. It's time to do your homework before you start with your video marketing strategy by hiring a video animation service. Here are 6 trending video types we've curated to help your brand thrive in digital advertising, regardless of its business industry. 


1) Awareness-Based Explainer Videos:

The name says it all. Explainer videos are all about providing a highly understandable explanation to your customers about your products and services. They usually target the "awareness" stage of the sales funnel and have been helping companies that make tech gadgets, fintech and so forth.

This type of video demonstrates the use of your products/services in an engaging, and easy-to-understand way to solve problems for the customers.

Depending on the channel you wish your explainer video to be on, this video animation offers the right insights in way that is easy to digest, understandable, and memorable for the viewers. In B2B marketing, explainer video animations have gained traction for helping companies in getting their messages across visually.





2) Product Spotlight Videos:

The product spotlight video type is another genuine way of displaying your product's utility (USP's) in an intriguingly salesy way.

You can opt for this video type to showcase what your product or service is famous for.

This video type focuses on the product through and through, elaborating on the way it is and the experience it may cast on the customer's problem. 


3) Quick Doodle Videos:

The quick doodle videos are also gaining traction in 2024. Previously, they met slow progression right when the creative and colorful explainer and 2D videos were brought into marketing. But now - they're being used by every other business industry.

This video type is based on a self-written theme which can often breakdown the use of challenging products and services into digestible content. The doodle videos are famous for their quick nature of elaborating everything and keeping readers informed with clean-cut visuals. 


4) Review-Based Customer Videos:

When it comes to digital marketing animations and videos, it's best to first analyze what works for your marketing funnel. If you're new to doing business and require  brand credibility, you should make review-based customer videos to attract a wider audience of prospects.

Such videos offer a great insight into your products and services, ironing out the doubts and confusion that may occur to new customers while trusting your brand.

The review-based customer video can be placed on multiple platforms, such as website pages, social media, and even in your company's presentation. This is a great way to outshine your competitors by providing a first-hand account of how your products and services have touched the lives of your customers.

5) Sales-Based 2D Animation Videos:

A sales-oriented 2D video animation has become the center of attention for all big companies' marketing strategies. This type of video provides an insightful take on why you should purchase a certain product or service. It uses moving characters to render meaningful storytelling to the prospects, along with solid narratives formed out of voiceovers.

All in all, a great 2D video animation helps in unveiling new products, jotting down the USP's of your service, and engaging prospects across social media and web outlets with a CTA narrative.  


6) Bumper Video Ads:

Bumper video ads offer a subtle yet effective take on why your products are a win-win for customers. This type of video ad is often seen floating on our social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

It is a 6-second video ad, encapsulating a series of powerful benefits of your products and services such as their pricing, USP, product nature, and its use case.

Making bumper video ads even on a sponsored campaign provides a great ROI, as it's been in the limelight for its quick nature of informing and engaging prospects towards a certain product. 


Final Thought:

In 2024, the digital landscape will be even more saturated with content, making it essential for brands to find innovative ways to stand out. Videos offer a dynamic and interactive way to showcase your products or services, build brand awareness, and connect with your target audience on a personal level.

By utilizing videos in your advertising efforts, you can increase brand visibility, drive traffic to your website, boost conversion rates, and ultimately, grow your business. Videos have the power to tell your brand story in a compelling way and leave a lasting impression on viewers.


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