8 Sales-Oriented Benefits of Live Chat Web For E-Commerce Stores

8 Sales-Oriented Benefits of Live Chat Web For E-Commerce Stores

What Is Live Chat Customer Service?

Live chat is a web-based communication facility which allows companies to interact with their prospects, buyers, and anyone visiting their digital stores for sales assistance, ticket lodging, or a product query.

Knowing that e-commerce stores share a common pattern of maximum web visitors, it has become the need of the hour to integrate live chat support to your communication strategy to unpack a number of benefits.

On the other hand, live support also helps companies in building brand recognition and starting a direct interaction with your prospects to understand their needs and wants. It also adds a personalized human-touch to your brand communication, which is a considerate aspect when it comes to the consumer's buying behavior.

Here are 8 sales-oriented benefits of integrating live-chat to your e-commerce stores: 


1) Increase Sales With Customer Reviews:

To begin with, live chat offers a great dynamic for registering customer reviews right after the dialogue ends. This feature helps e-commerce stores collect valuable customer experiences and empower their brand recognition for future prospects.

This way, e-commerce stores can draw in new customers into confidence and create a positive word-of-mouth about their brand reputation which results in higher sales probability.  



2: Quicker Response Time for Instant Conversions:

Every customer is looking to get their query answered within a minute. In this case, live chat enable companies to offer this competitive edge by deploying their live chat service onto their web and e-commerce stores.

The quicker response time is also linked with instant conversions, as customer support agents are able to cater to customer queries, resulting in increased buying satisfaction.


3) Reduce Your Customer Churn Rate:

By integrating live chat web on your e-commerce store, companies can reduce their customer churn rate to improve the overall customer experience and presents a new customer delight. In a nutshell, live chat also enables companies to capitalize on higher customer retention ratio and lower customer acquisition costs. Both metrics are responsible for evaluating the company's overall customer satisfaction.


4) Enable Repeat Purchases:

Live support also enables e-commerce stores to double their repeat purchases. The stats suggest that once live chat integration improves the customer satisfaction ratio, they come back to their favorite brands over and over again. It also gets to show that. Live chat is a way to nurture your leads into long-term buyers. 


5) Diverse Customer Responses:

Businessmen or online entrepreneurs who integrate live talk into their e-commerce stores also enjoy the privilege of handing out detailed customer responses. Today, the trained live-chat agents can multitask their way into the chats. In fact, they can use canned responses for generic inquiries or endorse the company's ongoing promotions for customer delight. They can assist customers as per requirements to move them from the "awareness" phase to the "purchase" phase. 



6) Boost Sales With 24/7 Customer Support:

Live chat customer service boasts a higher level of customer satisfaction with its ability to help customers with the 24/7 customer support. This way, prospects that fail to match the time zone of the businesses can also be accommodated without any hindrances or interruptions. In fact, live chat enables every customer to shop from their favorite e-com stores and get their questions answered within minutes. This marks a global presence for e-commerce stores and gives them a spike in sales.


7) Increase Your Web Conversions:

Experts claim that an interactive live chat set up may increases your web sales by 20%. Live chat also ensures that either prospects or past- purchases do not go unnoticed as one of the customer support agents prompts them with a message that spikes their interest in buying products and services. E-commerce, on the other hand, has been in the trend for boosting sales once live chat gets onboard and chat agents begin creating awareness about different product catalogs for prospects.


8) Improve Your Bounce Rate:

A higher bounce rate is not an ideal stat for any web entrepreneur or an e-commerce store manager. It means that customers did not spend a certain amount of time on your pages. It could be your complex web design, unresponsive web functionality, or a lack of web navigation.

In this case, live chat comes into action as a guiding light for new prospects and ensures that they're having an interactive shopping experience. A trained customer agent could send canned responses such as "Hey, can I help you with anything?"  or "Hi, what are you looking for?". Such pop-up messages give them the confidence to keep browsing your catalogs without bouncing off to a competitor's e-commerce store.

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