6 Value-Adding Traits of  A Customer Support Rep

6 Value-Adding Traits of A Customer Support Rep

Refining your customer experience has become the backbone of sales - especially if you run an e-commerce store, or provide online services. It is said that having a team of well-rounded customer support representatives is of net benefit for companies that require growth, brand loyalty, and large-scale word-of-mouth applause from their customer base.

While some companies do not focus on brushing up the core individual attributes of their customer reps - as much as 70% of customers make their purchases online with how they’re treated. Here are our 6 value-centric attributes of a customer support rep that mark a notable distinction of reputation for your brand and company online. 

1)  A Positive Attitude

Although - having a positive attitude is like garnering confidence for our daily problems, it is also an essential element to be reflected in your CSR's attributes. This customer-centric mindset stems from a calm and composed disposition so you'd actually listen to their concerns and provide resolution.

It also helps in maintaining brand persona - which at some point - is essential for companies to keep their trust, and credibility upbeat. A positive attitude is also second to going the extra mile to solve problems so the customer is bracketed in a constant influence of your brand experience. 

2) Subject Matter Expertise

Responding to customer queries with abrupt but accurate answers is the key to saving time as well as dropping a tremendous customer support impression. But for that - a wider level of subject matter expertise should be induced in the customer support rep to answer a variety of questions within a short span.

The subject matter expertise also houses a strong opinion of the customer rep to be confident, clear, and concise about the customer's problem, which is also a favorable gesture for brands and enterprises working online.

3) Top Communication Skills

Communication skills are at the heart of delivering a memorable, problem-solving, and customer-centric customer support experience. It doesn't only solve problems; it also ensures that your message has been fluently transferred to the customer without any ambiguity - which in turn - saves time and produces happy conclusions.

It has also become the need of the hour for customer support reps to hold the prowess of writing consoling emails and answering query-fueled calls with email and phone support options. This highlights the imperative nature of having clear and impressive communication skills.

4) Sharp Multitasking Skills

It is inevitable to have sharp multi-tasking skills because when it comes to live support - the ticket overload is as spontaneous as it could be. A customer support agent with prowess at multitasking skills ought to engage a number of customers on the phone, e-mail, and live chat support for maximum efficiency. 

It also includes checking queries for follow-ups, processing orders, updating the backlogs, and building monthly reports initiated for teamwork performance.

Multitasking skill helps in de-cluttering the customer query overload during primetime and also beautify the customer experience as customers available on the Omni channel support get their fair share of resolutions in no time.  

5) Creative Disposition

Customer support stories that treasure global influence ought to be the ones where customer support agents have transcended the online protocols of communication and gone the extra mile to solve problems. It also means that having a creative disposition allows customers to defuse the huge reservoirs of frustration that reflect at the time of complaints. 

It also consists of sharing tidbits about the products, and the unofficial product hacks to open a new door of nuance assistance for customers.

We learn from the customer support team of Zomato and Starbucks that agents can be a great source for elevating a brand's customer experience to astrological heights by thinking creatively about the problem.

6) Positive Language

Every mode of communication has a stronghold of importance and for online communication, it is the positive language. It's something to consider as a customer support agent can tweak their words in moderation to add more empathy and belongingness.

For example: stating that "I did not understand the problem" could add fuel to the fire to the customer's frustration but rephrasing it with "Could you repeat the problem, again?" offers a more positive outlook.

Making such positive language changes could help a customer support rep in enhancing their individual stride as well as embellishing the brand's online reputation. 

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