4 Proven Ways To Generate  Business Leads For  Brands Online

4 Proven Ways To Generate Business Leads For Brands Online

Business lead generation is an induction of any potential visitor whose interest in your products and services is notable. It can happen on an enterprise level or via individual communication. It opens a possibility of developing business from sources that are willing to engage with what we offer via personalised templates of information. The best part about starting a business lead generation campaign is its ability to persuade a willing group of prospects, which in turns, creates opportunities of boosting sales. 

Based on the difference in services, the magnitude of the requirement to the customers, and other business aspects, there are several types of leads that work for businesses and brands as per their preference.

Typically, there are 4 types of leads that happen in the B2B and B2C business model: Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Product Qualified Leads (PQL), and Service Qualified Leads (SQL). 

Still, experts suggest that there are the 4 most effective and result-proven ways to structure up your lead generation campaigns and develop business online. It eventually ensures that potential business prospects can be reached out, taken care of, and converts into long-term paying customers to expand the overall sales.  

1) Digital Targeted Ads

Targeted digital ads - today - ensure that prospects stop by, pause and reflect on the exhibition of the services. But the key to maximising the output of any targeted ad is to offer exactly what's available. Swindling a visitor into buying your services does not work in the long term and hurts the company credibility. 

If we reverse it, the company would effectively be able to score brand new leads through contentment achieved from word-of-mouth of the first customer.

The smartly designed & engineered targeted ads can be run across social media, Google, or company’s website to enable to visibly persuade the leads into taking an action. Usually, a great targeted ad comes with the call to action and a clear narrative to respond to it.  

 2) Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around in the marketing world for quite a while. It has exclusively become a game-changer to generate more leads by changing & influencing the thought process of the customers. It's possible that customers have subscribed to the service but they're not willing to make a purchase.

At this point, designing a rich email template powered by CTA's, functional links, money-saving deals, and easy-to-reach service tabs would result in more leads that qualify to be called an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead).

3) SEO-Induced Blog Posts

Blogs fulfill a number of purposes when they're being written with a targeted approach. First, a good grammar and knowledge-driven write-up is bound to guide customers into the service they're looking for. It also correlates with the brand build-up on Google. The SEO-induced blog posts give us the liberty to add "hyperlinks" to our content which builds a bridge between your most top-selling service and new customer.

For example: A good SEO practice is writing a 1000+ words blog with relevant keywords embedded in the first, middle, and final paragraph. In turn, the new online prospects will have the option to further expand into your service by visiting extend their knowledge regarding your products and services by clicking on the linked text. It's one of the simplest ways of embarking on business lead generation in the modern paradigm.

4) Modern-Design Landing Pages

Another growing trend in the domain of business lead generation is building a catalogue of landing pages consisting of the brand's main services. This landing page is equipped with notable functionality, a well-grounded UI design, confidence-inspiring CTA buttons, engaging content and a wholesome brand page look. 

It helps the prospect in sensing the “added urgency “while reevaluating their buying decision with fancy discounts written in exaggerated fonts. Such landing pages also hold the flair of having lead-generation forms integrated across the page.

It helps in giving visitors a back-to-back reminder of sharing their short information while escalating their hopes of being contacted by the company for a personalised outlook of their resolution.


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