30 Powerful BPO Stats To Read In 2023

30 Scenario-Based Stats To Hire A BPO Service Provider!


A BPO Service Provider is a third-party recruitment to channelize our routine, unimportant, and repetitive business tasks. It is a lucrative way to cut costs and take some strategic time off from your business to reinvest your time into other upcoming products and ventures. 


The BPO process outsourcing enables companies to hire resources for certain skills and tasks in different regions of the world without having to micro-manage them.

From therein, the hired resource works in full swing for your projects and ventures despite not being in your in-house team.   


Over the years, be it hiring a virtual personal assistant online, or outsourcing call center services for inbound, and outbound campaigns, BPO has helped companies to immensely thrive and benefit with its remarkable potential to cut costs, increase working flexibility, and create uplifting performances across all non-core working functions. 

There are number of business tasks that do not serve as a core but require attention, and completion to meet our KPI's such as Data Entry, Live Customer Support, IT & Help Desk, Online Marketing, and Virtual Assistant Services. This way, you can acquire the best talents for these aforementioned capacities without having to manage them. Thereby, getting a strategic time out for other business plans.



1) 40% of customers online prefer live chat, 32% settle their issues with phone support, and 23% online buyers prefer using email support for post-sales queries. (Help Scout)

2) 53% of customers prefer using a knowledge base or quick answers to their questions before they move towards cart abandonment (Forrester)

3) 85% of the customers equate live chat with buying satisfaction while 91% of the customers consider it with phone support. (Help Scout)

4) 30% of customers prefer using live chat widgets to get in touch with their seller. (Help Scout)

5) 80% of brands and companies are ready to restructure their CX to refine it. (ZenDesk)

6) There has been a rise of 60% more customer calls to companies with 24/7 live support services. (ZenDesk)

7) 80% of Senior Managers believe they offer great customer experience; only 8% of customers of those brands agree they do (Lumoa)

8) It is 5x more expensive to invest in new employees than to restore the existing ones. (Invesp)

9) 78% of CMOs believe that a superb CX is the driving force of success for companies. (Lumoa)

10) Increasing 5% customer retention results in 30% to 90% more profit for companies (Bain & Company) 

11) 79% of companies endorse using live chat to uptick their online sales targets + increase revenue streams. (Itvplus)

12) 74% of companies agree that customer satisfaction is in providing them a journey of assisted, and self-assisted platforms before making a purchase. (Gartner)

13) In terms of industries, companies offering TV and internet packages have the worst customer support services in 2023 (Temkin)

14) After being presented with a bad customer support service, a customer is likely to cut off 22% of their total spending with the company. (Temkin)

15) 60% of companies agree that their quality of customer support services has risen. (Zendesk) 

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16) 66% customers require/expect an immediate response over their queries. (Intercomm)

17) The turnaround time for solving customer problems on live-chat is
42 seconds (Snap Engage)

18) 69% of bpo service agents use canned responses to enhance their chat
efficiency. (Forbes)

19) 72% of companies do not use hyper-specific measuring metrics for their
customer support success. (Forrester)

20) 9 out of 10 customers online recommend having a multi-channel
support for a seamless correspondence from one platform to another (NICE InContact) 

21) A total of 2/3 carts remain abandoned due to missed online guidance in the form of live chat. (Baymard Institute)

22) 50% of consumers still believe that brands could refine their CX (Customer Experience) (Acquia)

23) It takes 3 bad experiences for customers to switch to an alternative brand (Emplifi)

24) 39% of companies don't ask for feedback on the customer-agent interaction after it happens (Forrester)

25) 21% of companies work through custom-made KPI's to track their customer experience (Lumoa)

26) 96% of customers prefer having an effortless customer experience (Gartner)

27) By 2024, 85% of the companies will use some kind of live chat support for their businesses (Software Advice)

28) 34% of customers believe that live chat reduces their time to resolve the issue. (Top Bots)

29) 54% of customers use email or helpdesk support to acquire technical and non-technical solutions (Forrester)

30) 90% of customers wish to speak to a live chat agent than a AI Chatbot (Deloitte)




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